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Assembling the warriors from a past life

  • Posted on October 13, 2011 at 1:46 pm

Last week while I was at Warrior Camp, I ran a very powerful LifeLine Session on myself, and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about it.

For many years I have attracted people into my life who would promise to help with various tasks, and in the final moments before delivery would, for one reason or another, not be able to complete what they had committed to, leaving me to madly scramble and pick up the pieces generally without acknowledgement.  I am a “finisher” type of person.  When I commit to something, it happens.  And while I have created a lot of success for myself and others over the years with this determination, I have often felt the loneliness of being unsupported and the fatigue of carrying more than my share of the load for others.

Last week, however, my soul began a new story.  The script for my life has changed.  On one of the physcially challenging days, circumstances made it that I was fully supported by a fantastic team, and I was able to use my finished personality to lead the way and inspire others to complete the task for their own satisfaction.  But even more importantly for me, I received appreciation and recognition for following the way of the warrior – being and doing whatever it takes in the moment to keep moving towards the goal.

Throughout the activity of this and the previous day, I had connected with a group of guys, each on an individual basis at different times.  On completion of the grueling activity a small group from our larger team decided to have a swim in the pool.  How surprised I was when I realised that every one of the guys in the pool were the very same guys I had connected with throughout the 2 days of activities! I was the only girl with them for quite some time, and as I floated in the water I felt incredibly supported and grateful to have had the chance to meet each and every one of these beautiful souls.

Now at this camp I happened to have brought Deepak Chopra’s book “Synchro Destiny: Harnessing the infinite power of coincidence to create miracles”, which encourages his readers to notice the coincidences in our lives and to ask for their significance.  So I did!  In the pool I said a silent prayer, sent Infinite Love & Gratitude to each of the fellas and asked what the significance of me pulling this group together meant.

I got my answer the following morning around 4am, after having struggled with a challenge the night before which brought up fear about other parties not fully committing to their word.  The intention I set for the session was “I am fully supported always and in all ways, feeling free”.  When I ran the session I went back to an original occurrence from 376AD where I was a 17yy male who had been made responsible for protecting the younger children of my tribe, but had been unable to succeed in the heat of battle and instead watched them die in front of me.  I had the skills to protect myself, but had been unable to defend all the others.  The LifeLine Session revealed to me that I had unresolved grief from this incident, and that I had been holding this fear in my throat chakra (which interestingly had been the precise location that was being pushed by the particular night-time activity).  The situation had been creating a spiritual imbalance in my life, disconnecting me from my will power in relation to speaking my truth, and restricting the flow of energy through my large intestines (interestingly I had also only been able to eat watermelon for the previous day and half as my body rejected all other food).

It seemed to me that this group of guys in the pool were representing (or perhaps were the very same souls) of the younger warriors that I had been unable to protect in my past life.  As I processed the emotion of grief, and sent silent apologies to all those I had been unable to protect in 376AD, I felt an amazing energy return to my body and a peacefulness settle into my heart.  I felt that I was concluding and letting go of a situation that I had been carrying for over 1600 years, and I am much lighter without the energy of this experience.

I was also able to learn that my voice is a powerful force in allowing others the opportunity to learn and grow and embody their magnificence, and this is how I can write a new ending for other souls, and myself.