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Delayed for a reason?

  • Posted on September 2, 2014 at 10:28 am

So its been a stressful couple of weeks for me. Way too much to do, and much too little time for it all. And the outcome has been that I’ve had to make other people wait for tasks I haven’t yet found time to complete.

And I’ve been feeling bad about that.

I don’t like letting people down. I don’t like making people wait, especially beyond the anticipated timeframe I had promised them. And so I push and push myself to work harder, work later, work into the early hours of the morning, until I can’t do it anymore and I crumble under the pressure. This was me last Friday, crumbling and crying because I felt I was letting too many people down in too many different areas of my life.

And then I spoke to a wise friend of mine this morning who changed my perception.

He asked me; is it possible that my clients are being delayed for a reason?

Perhaps I am the person facilitating them to take stock of their current situation and re-think their approach. While their initial hope was to receive their request last week, being forced (through me) to wait, create space for further analysing and deeper thinking, may be driving them towards a better solution overall.Expect Delays

You see I forgot that I am part of a bigger plan. I fell into the trap of thinking that my life and my responsibilities are only about me. But in a universe where everyone and everything is interconnected, it must also be in the benefit of my clients to be delayed. Because ultimately everything that happens is always in our longer-term benefit (we just can’t see it when we are in the middle of it!).


Have you ever had a situation like that?
A time where an unexpected delay turned out to be in your benefit?

I recall a time when I was making a birthday cake for my daughter and was so focused on being creative with how I would decorate it that I actually forgot the cake mix at the grocery store. It took an out-of-character hold-up at the cash register to prompt my memory and save me a trip home and back again to the shops. I think I may have even written a blog post about it here somewhere.

The challenge, in the moment of delay, is to open our thinking and ask, what is the benefit of this delay?
What more can I notice in this moment?
Is there something for me to observe, or remember, that I have the opportunity to connect into while I am forced to wait?

And so now I feel much lighter.
I will continue to do my all to complete my responsibilities to the best of my ability, within the framework of also honouring myself.

This is the important part. Remembering that my primary responsbility is to myself. I may choose to help and serve others as an expression of joy, for the sheer pleasure of using and experiencing the skills that I possess.

When I can give of my time, skills and energy, from a place of enthusiasm and enjoyment, I am offering not just the completion of the task but the dispensing of positive vibes as well. And this has a much bigger impact on the happiness of our world than over-working in a state of resentment.

I would love to hear from you. Have you ever had a situation where you thought you were ‘dropping the ball’, only to discover that that delay you created for the other person actually ended up being to their benefit?

Here’s hoping we can all stay in the flow of life…