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The act of creation

  • Posted on October 4, 2014 at 2:19 pm

I love being creative.  I love the feeling of creating something that wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for my thoughts and energy to bring it into being.

I also love giving to others.  I love the feeling of brightening another person’s day through my actions.

And so I’m feeling great just now!

I have just finished creating a birthday present for a dear family member, which I believe will be well received.  In fact I think it will bring a little squeal of delight when it is opened.  And if that sort of reaction is received, I think my cup of happiness might overflow!!!


Create - because it feels good!

Create – because it feels good!

So I am feeling very blessed right now.  Infinite Love and Gratitude!!!

I am feeling blessed for the skills that I have accumulated in my life to allow me to create this gift.

I am feeling grateful to the service providers who will complete the final step of the creation process, and turn my ideas, that are still in digital form, into a physical gift to be given.

I am feeling incredibly thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a ‘catch up’ week, where I took time in lieu away from my work, which has allowed me to do a big spring clean.  With the freeing up of my time I have been able to sort, organise and spruce up my physical space, which has allowed my mind to relax and get into this creative mode.  It feels gooooood.     🙂


I am reminded of one my favourite quotes:

“The point of life is not to get anywhere—it is to notice that you are, and have always been, already there. You are always and forever in the moment of pure creation. The point of life therefore is to create—who and what you are, and then to experience that.”  ~  Neale Donald Walsch

And so in this moment I am choosing to create…  these words, this blog, as an expression and reminder of the love that I experience running through my body when I am using my time, skills and energy with the intent of creating something that will bring joy to another.

So my question to you is, what will you create today?


Delayed for a reason?

  • Posted on September 2, 2014 at 10:28 am

So its been a stressful couple of weeks for me. Way too much to do, and much too little time for it all. And the outcome has been that I’ve had to make other people wait for tasks I haven’t yet found time to complete.

And I’ve been feeling bad about that.

I don’t like letting people down. I don’t like making people wait, especially beyond the anticipated timeframe I had promised them. And so I push and push myself to work harder, work later, work into the early hours of the morning, until I can’t do it anymore and I crumble under the pressure. This was me last Friday, crumbling and crying because I felt I was letting too many people down in too many different areas of my life.

And then I spoke to a wise friend of mine this morning who changed my perception.

He asked me; is it possible that my clients are being delayed for a reason?

Perhaps I am the person facilitating them to take stock of their current situation and re-think their approach. While their initial hope was to receive their request last week, being forced (through me) to wait, create space for further analysing and deeper thinking, may be driving them towards a better solution overall.Expect Delays

You see I forgot that I am part of a bigger plan. I fell into the trap of thinking that my life and my responsibilities are only about me. But in a universe where everyone and everything is interconnected, it must also be in the benefit of my clients to be delayed. Because ultimately everything that happens is always in our longer-term benefit (we just can’t see it when we are in the middle of it!).


Have you ever had a situation like that?
A time where an unexpected delay turned out to be in your benefit?

I recall a time when I was making a birthday cake for my daughter and was so focused on being creative with how I would decorate it that I actually forgot the cake mix at the grocery store. It took an out-of-character hold-up at the cash register to prompt my memory and save me a trip home and back again to the shops. I think I may have even written a blog post about it here somewhere.

The challenge, in the moment of delay, is to open our thinking and ask, what is the benefit of this delay?
What more can I notice in this moment?
Is there something for me to observe, or remember, that I have the opportunity to connect into while I am forced to wait?

And so now I feel much lighter.
I will continue to do my all to complete my responsibilities to the best of my ability, within the framework of also honouring myself.

This is the important part. Remembering that my primary responsbility is to myself. I may choose to help and serve others as an expression of joy, for the sheer pleasure of using and experiencing the skills that I possess.

When I can give of my time, skills and energy, from a place of enthusiasm and enjoyment, I am offering not just the completion of the task but the dispensing of positive vibes as well. And this has a much bigger impact on the happiness of our world than over-working in a state of resentment.

I would love to hear from you. Have you ever had a situation where you thought you were ‘dropping the ball’, only to discover that that delay you created for the other person actually ended up being to their benefit?

Here’s hoping we can all stay in the flow of life…


  • Posted on August 12, 2014 at 9:28 am

I was asked to write a speech for an “Inspire Luncheon” this week, and I thought it might be nice to share it with the wider community. Enjoy!

We are blessed to have some interesting speakers keen to inspire us throughout this afternoon, and as this is the “Inspire Luncheon”, I thought we could begin by pondering the word “Inspire”.

I looked up Google’s primary definition of the verb “Inspire”, which explained it is to “fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

And shortly thereafter I was inspired to do just that, to do something creative, in particular to present you with a short list of possible sources of inspiration, by working through the letters of the word INSPIRE itself.

  • I is for Innovation, the creation of something new. It is when we are using the fullness of our skills and creativity that we feel truly alive. It is in our desire to make the world a better place, to improve upon what we already have, that can fill us with the energy to take action.
  • N is for Nuances, the observing of things intently, to the point where we notice fine details that had eluded us before. For example you might contemplate the thought that each person in this room is attending the same event, hearing the same words and yet we each experience it from a unique perspective, even if the next person is only a few centimetres away from you, the angle from which they perceive the room is still slightly different.
  • S is for Suspending Judgement. When we pass judgement on something we are enforcing our views of the past onto that which we see in our present. When we judge something we expect it to stay the same, or be used the same as it always has been. Suspending Judgement allows us to see things from a new perspective and frees us up to repurpose or reinvisage new possibilities.
  • P is for Presence, as in the present moment. It is the opening of our heart and mind and allowing our awareness to expand to take in the many wonders that are around us continuously.
  • I is just that, I as in the ‘Me’ that is choosing to be inspired. It is a taking of responsibility to take action. It is the belief in our personal power to make change. It is the recognition that I am the creator of my life and I have the ability to invent new possibilities.
  • R is for Review, for in reviewing existing things and questioning if there is a better way, often new ideas come forth. As Isaac Newton famously said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.
  • E is for Exploration, visiting new places, meeting new people, learning new techniques, having new experiences. All of these are opportunities for inspiration to step in.

So now I will pass over to our next speaker, but before I do I would like to leave you with the thought that the word Inspire is in essence a verb. It is an action word. Some synonyms are stimulate, motivate, encourage and energize. All of these are action focused. They are about taking our ideas and implementing them. Not just thinking about and analyzing things, but actually taking steps to make manifest our unique creations. It reminds us how good it feels to be in that space of creation, to be putting our talents and skills on the line and making a difference.

So my advice is that if you are ever in a situation where you are looking for inspiration, simply take action, in any direction, in any way, and the momentum you generate will carry you forward to adventures and creations far beyond your current imaginings.


Just get started

  • Posted on July 29, 2014 at 9:43 am


So I’ve decided it has been WAY TOO LONG since I last posted to this site. And this got me thinking… what has been holding me back?

Yes, I’ve procrastinated.
Yes, I’ve found other “more important” things to do.
Yes, I’ve been stuck in knowing what to write about.

But really its been a bit of fear kicking in. “What if no-one likes what I’ve got to write?” “Is it a waste of my time adding to this site anyway?”

And then it dawned on me. I am spending way too much time being creative in reasons NOT to write, when I could be using that creative energy to simply write ANYTHING.

You see I believe that a body in motion is easy to adjust to a more fruitful path than one that is still stationary.  It is simply the force of inertia. And now that I have got going, the ideas are flowing, and hey, I’m even surprising myself with what I’m writing. I wonder what thought will come next?

And then it occurs to me that I’m no longer forcing the process of creation. Now I am simply allowing. The words are flowing. They are forming almost as fast as I can type, and I wonder am I really thinking them or simply dictating them from a higher source?

Is this the creative process? Simply get started, in any direction, because in the moving process we allow ourselves to move away from the fear. We allow ourselves to simply be in the moment of creation, and this is when our soul starts to sing. Perhaps I will start to sing now, who knows! Perhaps that will be fun. Perhaps I can find an even greater form of joy to move towards, and now that I am already moving it is easier to keep moving…

And with that thought I am going to sign off and encourage you to take a first step… in any direction… and just get moving, because once you are moving the momentum builds and creation unfolds.

Happy creating.



If you’re looking for a book to read on this topic, here’s a great one:

Just what is, a Lightworker?

  • Posted on June 14, 2011 at 9:29 pm

Introducing myself to a new martial arts student, I mentioned that I am a lightworker. This is a common term amongst many of my friends, but I was reminded that it is not yet a universal term when I was asked “What is a Lightworker?”.

So I thought it would be interesting to note down what my thoughts are, in terms of a definition…

Firstly, let me share what Google returned through an online search:

  • Lightworker – The New Age (also referred to as the New Age movement, New Age spirituality, and Cosmic Humanism) is a decentralized Western social and spiritual movement that seeks “Universal Truth” and the attainment of the highest individual human potential. …
  • Lightworker – A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves peoples’ lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness
  • Lightworkers – are those who seek the truth on their spiritual journey toward Enlightenment. They feel the urge to heal others and a deep need to resolve the world’s problems . They very often feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel others; and know without a doubt that they are here for a higher purpose. …

And now to my thoughts:
I see a lightworker as someone who consciously chooses to bring greater love, peace and happiness to people’s lives.

A lightworker is someone who develops themselves deliberately, knowing that any improvement they make in their own life will most often times help others.

A lightworker is compassionate and non-judgemental, leads by example, and realises that all people are doing the best they know how, with the knowledge they have, at any point in time.

Many lightworkers have studied ways of helping and healing others, and it is their great joy to share their knowledge in assisting others to better their lives.

These are the ideals I do my best to live up to.
I, too, am still learning, and don’t always achieve it. But I am very clear about they type of person that I choose to be, and use this framework to assess options and make choices in alignment with these ideals whenever I can.

Are you a lightworker too? Many, many people do a number of these things naturally, and add huge amounts of light and love to our world. We are blessed to have these people in our lives, and give thanks for their presence and uplifting natures. If this is your nature, I invite you to also make it a conscious decision, set an intention for your life and join the many of us who are empowering ourselves and others in making our world a better place.

I would love to hear what you think, or if you have any extra ideas on the characteristics that define a lightworker. Please leave me a comment!
With infinite love & gratitude,

Unleash your dreams with the principles of an open fire.

  • Posted on June 11, 2011 at 5:22 am

This morning I made an open fire to warm our house, and in the process I learnt some important principles for achieving goals that I would like to share with you…

A lot of the required elements were in place:

  • We had the desire; it was clear in our minds – to start a fire to warm our house now that our heater is not working.
  • We had the right ingredients; wood, paper, matches, firelighters and enthusiasm.
  • The timing was right; we had the time to devote to getting it going, and to leave it going for a number of hours to add some warmth to our space.

And yet, it didn’t take off.

We lit the paper, lit the firelighters, they burnt for a bit and then went out. We tried this a couple of times, and it was clear that something was not working.

In their enthusiasm and hurry to achieve the goal, my husband and children piled all the ingredients of a fire right on top of all the other bits. The firelighters, paper, large and small pieces of wood were all haphazardly piled on top of each other. There was not structure to it, no thought put behind the layout, and no space for air to flow between the components. In essence, the fire was smothered…

From a number of years of Girl Guide training, I offered to assist. I pulled everything out, and started again. But this time, I placed the small, fast burning items on the bottom. I appreciated the importance of letting a spark have some space to ignite, and to then catch onto some twigs that I sourced. As the firelighters lit the paper, which ignited the twigs and then started to burn the larger branch pieces, I realised that this was a metaphor for life, for projects, for achieving our goals. Eventually the branch pieces were burning consistently, and I was able to add the bigger pieces of wood, those chunks that will burn for an hour or more. At this point the fire has gained momentum and pretty much burns without much human intervention.

Project success! From a small spark a roaring fire burns

Project success! From a small spark a roaring fire burns

And so I would like to share some of the parallels I noticed about achieving goals in the process:

  • All fires start small, it is a spark (an idea) that is the ignition point
  • Small flames (ideas being shared) need to be nurtured, protected from going out, and encouraged to grow further
  • Make sure the fire (goal) is not smothered by trying to get too big too fast. In our case my family had overloaded the fire with big lumps of wood right on top of the firelighter. It was too much for the firelighter and paper to get the dense piece of wood to ignite, and hence the fire kept going out. There was no room for air to flow through the stack, and no gradual build-up as part of the plan.
  • Asking for advice (business or life coaching) from someone who has had success in the area you are aiming for, can expedite your success, as you can learn from the trial and error that they went through, without having to take the time and energy to do the same. It enables you to learn the techniques of success in your chosen area, and to absorb a higher level of self-belief when an accomplished person is able to guide the way for you.
  • Adding twigs (prototypes, first sales) is an important step in the process. When aiming towards a big goal, it is important to create opportunities for learning, practising, refining along the way. This should be on a smaller scale than the final vision of what is possible. Making mistakes is the fastest way to learn, and an inevitable part of any growth process, so it is better to learn the lessons on a smaller scale where possible. As each small success is achieved, this builds our confidence to continue, and as each small learning opportunity comes along, this helps us solidify our vision and improve our offering.
  • Graduate from smaller to larger logs (build momentum). This is true for a fire, and true for any goal. It is about scaling our habits, practices and processes to match where we are in the growth process, and where we are moving towards.
  • Once the fire is established (goal achievement or business maturity), maintaining it requires only limited effort by comparison to the nurturing and constant input required at the beginning. The heat that the fire generates from the cumulation of past successes, means that any additional piece of wood that is added is immediately productive, and essentially ‘comes along for the ride’ on the success of those pieces that are already there.
  • Adding more wood (a process of continual improvement) is the key to keeping the fire burning at its optimum for as long as possible. While it may not take as much effort to keep the fire burning as it did to get it going, without adding more fuel for it to burn, the fire will eventually go out.

At each step along the way it is important to take time to celebrate each success, both large and small. When we celebrate our successes, we are buoyed to continue on, to grow further, to aim higher and to share with others.

So on that note, I am returning to my now roaring fire, am going to add another log, and sit back and enjoy the warmth of my success… 😉

With best wishes to you in the growth of your goals,

Experiencing life through duality

  • Posted on June 9, 2011 at 5:20 am

Our heater is broken.

It has been out of action for a few weeks. And it is planned to be a number more weeks before the technician can take a look to fix it.

We have a small portable heater that we are using to heat our bedroom, which has become our sanctuary. The temperature in our bedroom is almost double that of the rest of the house. Our house is COLD!

But you know what? As much as it is great to always have everything working, this experience of temperature difference has really made us appreciate the impact that temperature can have. It has made us appreciate the technology that goes into a heater. And with us all huddling together for warmth in the one room, it has made us appreciate just how little space we really need to live in.

In fact it has been quite fun to use our ingenuity and find different ways to keep warm. We are quite adaptable, we have discovered! We have also enjoyed being together in close quarters; really being a part of each others lives. It has been somewhat of a bonding experience!

And this is the point that I am wishing to make. That what sometimes may appear to be a difficult experience, a trial, something that we wouldn’t consciously choose, can actually be a good thing. It can be an opportunity to grow. It can be an opportunity to appreciate things from a new perspective. A perspective that we would never have experienced had the unanticipated situation not occurred. In fact, the situation that we may have initially labelled as ‘bad’, we might end up being incredibly grateful for.

Without the experience of duality, the opposite of that which we yearn for, we could never truly appreciate that which we receive. It is only be knowing the opposite, that we are able to put things into context. Without cold there could be no appreciation of hot. Without ‘down’ times, there would be no ‘up’ times; it would be ‘same-old, same-old’…

So as much as I am looking forward to getting our heater fixed and returning to a comfortable temperature within our house, I am feeling very grateful for our current experience. And besides, it is getting us ready for the coming ski season. 😉

I Choose Love

  • Posted on June 7, 2011 at 5:19 am


What we focus upon expands… I choose love –> what are you choosing?

The many facets of perception

  • Posted on June 4, 2011 at 5:13 am

Looking at myself, mirrored in others.

I’m Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

These are the lyrics from Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror”.
It is true that over the years many great musicians have been the influencers of our lives, and the presenters of new and inspirational thoughts to the public. Their words have often challenged our thinking and encouraged us to look at the world, and ourselves, in a new way.

But there is more to this song, than merely the recognition that we have the power individually to make a change for the better. On a deeper level this song reflects the reality that the world that we inhabit, the people we interact with, and the way others treat us, is a direct reflection on ourselves.

The people we spend time with, willingly, are often more similar to us than we care to recognise. Our choice of friends can be indicative of our current view of the world. And sometimes they can even inhibit our spiritual growth through their own fears of change. Keep this in mind the next time you are choosing to change, and ensure that the friends you are spending time with support you on your quest and are encouraging of the new person you are choosing to become.

Some others in our lives can be facilitators of our own experience. If there is a person in your life who creates stress or upset for you, there are 3 questions I encourage you to ask yourself.

  1. Is this person somehow demonstrating a part of myself that I have not acknowledged within my being?
  2. Is this person providing me with the opportunity to become a greater version of myself, by owning my power and changing the nature of our relationship?
  3. Is this person providing duality in my experience and showing me an alternative way to do things, that I may or may not agree with and choose?

None of these are easy questions to pose, nor to answer. However, in my experience, the process is incredibly beneficial to opening up a greater understanding, and love, of ourselves.

By identifying, and owning, our negative traits, we have an opportunity to change and transform them into new ways of being in the world.

By identifying the gift the other person is giving to us, by allowing us to experience ourselves in a new way (possibly as stronger, more self-assured, with clearer personal boundaries, etc) we are able to feel grateful to them for the chance at self expression we have received.

By identifying those who are offering the duality of experience, I encourage you to give thanks for their demonstration of the way ‘not to do things’. Sometimes having this demonstrated clearly around us prevents us from falling into similar habits along the way.

In my experience, the more love I give to everyone around me, from family members to acquaintances at the supermarket for example, the more I am greeted by loving people wherever I go. Initially this felt awkward, unnatural, and a bit weird to be so friendly to people I had never met before, but now I can say that I truly enjoy the world being a mirror, and the power I have to shape my experience.

May you be blessed with infinite love & gratitude, for what I give, I receive…

What are you creating?

  • Posted on May 30, 2011 at 7:32 am

William Arthur Ward said “Our words reveal our thoughts; our manners mirror our self-esteem; our actions reflect our character; our habits predict our future”.

What habits do you routinely enact? Are they supportive to the person you are choosing to be?

Habits are powerful. Every action, in every moment, is creating our future. The more consciously we choose our actions, the more consciously we navigate the experiences of our lives towards the outcomes we desire.

Are there some non-supportive habits that you would like to move on from? Are they being kept in place as a result of old emotions; memories of past experiences? The first step to making a change is becoming aware of the habits that are holding you back, and the reasons you have been telling yourself why these behaviours are necessary. Examine these thoughts. Are they still real? Have you grown and learnt more than when this pattern was put into place? Are you ready to let this part of you go to become a greater version of yourself? Are you ready to shine?

Sometimes this process can be difficult to do on our own. This is where a life coach, or other supportive friend or family member can be invaluable. Speak with them about the type of person you would like to become. Make sure it is realistic. And then empower them to hold that vision for you until you achieve it. Their job is to remind you of what you are capable of, especially in those times when you cannot see that possibility for yourself. Their job is to help you to believe in yourself.

As a practitioner of The LifeLine Technique I have helped many people overcome non-supportive habits, and empowered them to take greater creative control over their life. I believe it is possible for every person to change and grow, and expand the potential of their life, especially when they are surrounded by supportive people.

If you have a habit that you would like to share, please leave me a comment!
With infinite love & gratitude to creating supportive habits for us all…