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The most popular talks of all time

  • Posted on September 23, 2014 at 9:42 am

Have you discovered TED talks?

They cover such a wonderful range of topics, and I have always found them engaging.  Check them out by clicking this link:

The most popular talks of all time

Happy watching and learning!

Romancing the Wind

  • Posted on December 31, 2012 at 3:07 pm

This is magnificent.

Ray Bethell, a resident of Vancouver, BC is a genius. He is at once, the most famous and the best multiple kiteflyer in the world.
In this video he controls three kites in a ballet set to “The Flower Duet” from Leo Delibes opera “Lakme” – Dame Joan Sutherland and Jane Berbie, vocalists.


It is quite amazing what beauty we can add to the world once mastery of a skill is attained… Enjoy!

Love in a Christmas Card

  • Posted on December 14, 2012 at 5:27 pm

Have just been pondering how truly global the love in my Christmas card is… not just because some of them will be travelling overseas, but because each card travels with

– the love from our family and our Christmas wishes
– the love from the postal service that delivers our letters
– the love from the card manufacturers upon which I wrote our wishes
– the love from the pen manufacturers which I used to write our greetings into the card
– the love from the envelope makers that allow us to send the card and newsletter to just the right people
– the love from the sticker manufacturers that made our address labels
– the love from the paper manufacturers & farmers upon which our Christmas newsletter is printed
– the love from the ink manufacturer which printed upon the paper
– the love from the printer manufacturer that converted the digital images to hard copy creations
– the love from the makers of my PC, both software and hardware components

and I could go on and on to include my desk, house, electricity, the food that gives me strength, the people in my life who give me stories to write about, and a myriad of other things that tie us all together… if we searched hard enough each one of us could probably find some way in which we actually contributed to the creation of the very cards that are sent to us by perceived others…

So the next Christmas card you receive, take a moment to ponder both the person who sent it to you, and all the other people who contributed to the gift of love arriving in the form of a small card in your letter box…

With blessings of love to you all. 🙂

The Goddess Within

  • Posted on May 21, 2012 at 9:58 pm

This weekend just gone I was blessed with the opportunity to be on the assistants team for the divine workshop “The Goddess Within” facilitated by the wonderful Diane McCann. (

I first attended her Goddess workshop in February 2007, at a time in my life when I was struggling with very low self esteem. Diane’s workshop opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and learnings, and I have enjoyed the process of personal growth ever since.

I would like to devote this post to the Goddess within us all.

So what is my definition of a Goddess?

I believe a goddess is any person who recognises their individual power to create the events and experiences of their own life, doing so in such a way as to promote peace, harmony and happiness throughout their life and the world.

I see the Goddess energy being of a feminine nature, even when embodied by a male, as it is the implementation of love-focused energy that creates the power to manifest and heal, rather than the more masculine tendency of using force to manipulate objects and situations.

The way I see it, there are two opposing focal points, fear and love. Depending on which one you are focusing on, your creations will be generated through power, or through force. Force is based upon the standpoint of fear, the belief that nothing will occur without the expenditure of harsh action, and that current circumstances need to be defended against collapse. Power is a willingness to let go to a greater force, to believe in the good of others and to trust in the perfect unfoldment of things. Power is focused on using the energy to love to cause positive change to occur. In my personal experience, love will always overpower fear. Love will amplify any strength that is required, and has been known to perform miracles. And it is the bringing of love and compassion that is the core nature of the feminine Goddess.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that one is better than the other. Balance is the key to the optimum experience, and as such both the feminine and masculine qualities are equally valuable. It is just that I see our world at this time as being more heavily weighted in the masculine direction, and it is time for many of us to reclaim our feminine natures. We need the women of our world to feel comfortable in their nurturing roles, and to bring forth this balancing energy, rather than emulating men in an attempt to strive towards perceived success.

It is time we recognised the power and benefits of both the feminine and masculine energies, and learnt to use both in harmony to choreograph a more delightful dance for life.

Join me in celebrating the Goddess within you, and together we will amplify the healing energy being shared across our world.
With love and light,


  • Posted on May 16, 2012 at 10:17 pm

As it says in this inspirational video, “Success can be defined as ‘the progressive realisation of a worthy goal’.”

The Strangest Secret Movie


Never let an opportunity go by…

  • Posted on May 1, 2012 at 8:50 pm

“Never let an opportunity go by”. ~ Milton Heywood

This was a phrase that I heard many times while I was growing up. Today, it was reinforced by my MMA instructor.

You see, today he decided to teach us a cool new move which is not in the curriculum of our style of martial art. He referred to it as the “scissor takedown”.

My instructor first demonstrated it on one of the eager soon-to-be black belts, and then asked for volunteers who would like to give it a go. I encouraged one of the other high-ranking students to give it a try, all the while feeling a bit nervous about doing it.

My nerves were twofold – firstly because it was something new, and I haven’t really been challenged physically with anything new for a while so my confidence in my physical abilities has dropped off a little, and secondly because it is the sort of move that requires full commitment to the technique to be able to pull it off. There are no half-attempts possible for this one!

Now when the time came for me to have a go, I chose to put my concerns aside and go for it. I know that the feeling of regret of missing out and not giving something a go is worse than any embarrassment of messing it up, so I stepped forward and did it. And it was surprisingly easy!!!

In fact, all the fear and hesitation had been a total mind projection.

Scissor Takedown

Scissor Takedown

The technique was so simple that Dai Sempai encouraged all of the members in the class to give it a go, even the white belt experiencing his first class. A number of us had been hesitant when we’d first seen the move demonstrated, but all felt elated afterwards, realising that it was really quite achievable.

As our instructor wisely pointed out, this was a lesson in rising to the challenge. It was a metaphor for giving things a go, rather than taking yourself out of the game before you’ve even attempted it. You see, had he not insisted that we were ALL doing it, possibly only half of the class would have volunteered to put it in action. And the rest of us would have left wondering…

So the moral of the story is,… if you have a chance to learn something new, give it a go… never let an opportunity go by!

I would love to hear your stories of times when you have risen to the challenge and attempted something that seemed difficult, of times when you have overcome your mind’s tendency to over-protect you, and escpecially of any times where you were able to inspire others with your give-it-a-go attitude.

With love and courage to you,

Receiving the answers

  • Posted on November 29, 2011 at 1:59 pm

I love it when the universe answers my questions in unexpected ways!

A week or so ago I logged onto my computer, and on my home page of iGoogle I have a widget with my horoscope.  I often read it, though generally only pay passing regard for what it says.

On this day though, it mentioned that each day we make a difference, and that if we are interested in knowing some areas where we are making a difference but not consciously recognising our contribution, that to ask for this to be shown to us.  And so,…  I said a quick little prayer asking for some unrecognised area of the significance of my being to be highlighted to me.

Now it is interesting, because I am very familiar with the concept of Precession; that the activity that we think is our “life purpose” is often only a side-benefit to the real contribution we make to life (which is often not obvious to us).  In fact, here is one of my favourite quotes that I send in my signature at the end of every email:

“Your significance will forever remain obscure to you, but you may assume that you are fulfilling your purpose if you apply yourself to converting all your experience to the highest advantage of others” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller


A few hours later, I received a call from a friend who was processing the emotions of grief at the recent passing of her Auntie.  So I invited her to come over and spend the day with me.  We had a fun time chatting, surfing the web, and catching up on each other’s news.

Later that night, my friend Andrea invited me to attend our Goddess meetings together.  It had been quite a while since I had been to a meeting, and there were a number of new faces there.  At the beginning of the meeting I suddenly started feeling rather despondent, and mentioned this to the group, shedding some tears in the process.  I am so very blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderfully supportive group of women who were willing to acknowledge my emotion, and allow me to process and release it.   🙂

At the conclusion of the meeting, one of the other Goddesses came up to me, whom I’d never met before, and thanked me for being so open with my emotion!  She said that my openness made her feel safer in expressing her own feelings, and that having had the opportunity to also release her emotion, was now feeling much lighter than she had for some time…

However, it wasn’t until we were driving home again that I realised that I was receiving the answers to my question!  We driving in Andrea’s car, and she put on a song that was all about friendship, and I burst into tears!  I realised that her coming and spending the day with me, the comment from the Goddess and the song in the car were all answers to my question…  How cool!

You see, it is easy to acknowledge the deliberate things that we do to make a difference in others lives.  However, those things that we do when we are just being ourselves, are also having a positive influence…  Being a friend in the times of need, opening the space for heart feelings to be shared, and acknowledging the special roles we play in life are all significant contributions.

And as I was having this Aha! moment, we then drove past a billboard advertising the school that I often volunteer at, and which I do make a significant contribution for.

So for the second time that day, I sent out a prayer, this time of gratitude for the answers that came to me easily and effortlessly.   🙂

Helping or Hindering?

  • Posted on November 15, 2011 at 5:14 pm

I helped a worm today.  Well at least, that’s what I thought from my perspective…

You see, my beloved and I were out for a morning stroll with our dog, and I stepped over a worm on the track.  I took a few more steps and then decided to turn around and help him.

It was a warm morning, and the worm was laying the sun, covered in grit from having attempted to cross the gravel path we were walking on.  I perceived the worm as hot and exhausted, barely moving, and felt concerned that he had given up in his attempt to get to the other side.  So I picked him up, and transferred him into the cool grass.

I felt that I had done a good turn…

… until my husband pointed out that perhaps this crossing was the pinnacle of his life.  Perhaps crossing the path was the challenge of a lifetime for this worm, and I had just denied him his full experience.  Just as trying to make a rose open its petals too early actually prevents them from blooming, or like opening a cocoon to help the butterfly denies the strength-building exercise that the butterfly needs in order to fly.

Sometimes we need the experience of the struggle in order to grow into our greatness; to experience the full depth of our ability.

I don’t know, and likely won’t ever know, if my actions actually helped or hindered that worm and his soul growth.  I can only talk from my own perspective.  I experienced myself as helpful, caring and compassionate toward this creature.  Did I do that because I was guided by a higher calling to help this worm, or was it perhaps because there is a part of me yearning to be helped and cared for?  I’m not really sure.


How interesting!  Halfway through writing this post, my friend Andrea dropped by to visit.  And she happened to mention that this morning she did the very same thing – rescuing 2 worms from hot pavement and placing them back in the grass!  How is that for synchronicity!

We had a discussion about this and I have concluded that as this was my experience, I get to decide what the meaning was for the incident.  I chose to experience myself as helpful, and as such that is what I choose to believe I was.  If the worm was meant to complete the crossing on his own then I hope his presence wouldn’t have entered my consciousness and he would have been able to go about his journey.

So I’m wondering; what are your thoughts?  Leave me a comment and expand my perspective…

Thanks for reading!


The sweet gift of synchronicity

  • Posted on October 25, 2011 at 8:40 pm

I was given a gift yesterday; a reminder actually…

You see, today was my daughter’s birthday, and as is tradition in our house, I made and decorated the birthday cake.
I was finding it a challenge to decide what culinary creation I was going to present, and googled cakes with a nursery rhyme theme.  Up came thousands!  Mostly which were quite complex, and would require multiple days to complete.

Anyway, I went shopping to our local party supplies place, and hey presto! there was a design on a cake accessories box that was just perfect!  “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” it would be.  So, gift number 1, thankyou universe for the inspiration!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

I then visited our local grocery store to buy the remaining perishable items.  I walked a lap of the store, gathered some goods, and proceeded to the checkout.  Just as a reached the checkout another lady stepped in front of me with a couple of items in her arms.  No worries, I thought.  Then a gentleman arrived from our right and started up a conversation with the lady in front of me.  The queue ahead of her had progressed, but she did not move.  Instead she looked at me with an expression of ‘what are you doing here?’ directed toward me, which I thought was odd.  It also dawned on me that it is rather rare that there is ever a queue in this store, as it is a small store, and it certainly wasn’t a busy time of day.

I continued waiting patiently, hoping their conversation would be short-lived.  They kept talking.  I kept waiting.  And then…  The gentleman mentioned something about chocolate cake.

That was it!

I had forgotten something!

In my focus of designing the look of the cake, I had overlooked actually purchasing the supplies to make the cake part of the birthday cake!  Thankyou, thankyou, I thought!

His throw-away comment had been the exact thing I needed to hear, a comment that would save me a return trip to the store.  I felt so grateful for the synchronous comment, and even more grateful that I had noticed it in time to take action.

I turned around, collected the missing ingredients, proceeded to the checkout and all flowed beautifully again.  No line, no waiting, just ease and grace…

In hindsight I also realised that I had ‘coincidentally’ met 2 people earlier in the day whom I had been eager to chat with, and had ‘magically’ appeared at the same place and same time as me, allowing me to efficiently communicate with both of them.  It was a great day, and the party went beautifully today too; a happy birthday girl, lots of happy guests, and a cake that was appreciated and eagerly consumed.


So I’m wondering, when you have been blessed with a synchronous event that you knew was for your benefit?
I would love for you to leave me a comment and share your blessed moments too.

It just goes to show that you never really know that impact you are having on others, even a throw-away line can be helpful to someone you hadn’t even really noticed was there!
With love to you,

My own personal pep talk

  • Posted on October 18, 2011 at 5:54 pm

I fell down a hole today.
An emotional one.
The good news is that I am a warrior, and have the tools to climb back out!

It started with my daughter heading off to camp this morning, and processing the tears and bitter-sweet emotion of watching her leave for a fantastic adventure, knowing that the experience is exactly what she needs, but also feeling the sadness of there being a hole in the home for a couple of days.

I was also greeted with a number of parents from our school who congratulated me on the public thanks I received last night at our school’s presentation night.  I had chosen not to attend, so I was unaware of the fuss that had been made about me, but apparently the Principal of the school had used my achievement of Black Belt as an anecdote in one of her speeches.  This made me feel a little uncomfortable actually.

I have the ability to achieve many milestones in my life, and have often received the accolades for doing so.  Receiving thanks for the time and energy I donate to the school was gratefully received.  But having my achievement of being a Black Belt be so publicly exhibited made me feel uncomfortable.  Sure, I am proud of what I have achieved.  And yes, I am pleased that I can act as an inspiration to others.  However, a fear arose as well.

An hour or so later I went to my martial arts training, and discovered 3 new girls in our daytime class (an uncharacteristically large number for this class), and enjoyed the opportunity to be a role model for them.  I had a great time assisting them, one-on-one, using my skills to assist their growth.  It was a great class.  Then at the end of class our instructor mentioned that he may be away next week, and that he would like me, and a couple of the other high-ranking students, to share the responsibility for running the class in his absence.  And so again, the fear returned…

I chatted with one of my training partners about my reluctance to ‘be seen’ in this role, and realised that this fear was coming from past experiences, past environments from my childhood where the tall-poppy syndrome had been alive and well.  As a teenager I had learnt it was safer to play small, to be a quiet achiever, to hide my marks and thus, my magnificence.  And while I can now see things from a different perspective, knowing that I am in a different environment, and that playing small does a disservice to both me and those who miss out on my teachings, I still feel the emotion.  You see, I had no problem with sharing my knowledge one-on-one.  But doing it on a bigger scale, in front of the whole class, has unsettled me.

A couple of weeks ago, at Warrior Camp, I had the opportunity to change this.  I was in a supportive environment, with people who were willing to witness me owning my power, and accepting my greatness.  And I piked out.  I was scared.  I thought “If I really declare the truth of who I am, will these people still want to be my friends?”.  “Will they view me as blowing my own trumpet, and reject me?”.  I see quite a difference between being capable and using my talents and skills to help others, to actually verbalising them and letting others know that I accept the truth of my own abilities.  And so when asked to externalise the ‘beauty I see in myself’, I held back, I played small, I didn’t really give 100%.  And that is not like me.  🙂

You see, I DO know that I am capable of amazing things, and I express this by taking on responsibility, but shy away from the recognition.  Yes, secretly I want others to notice me, to acknowledge that I’ve done a great job, but really it is me who really needs to see it and appreciate it.  I need to practice owning it… and do so publicly.

This afternoon I have been reading a first draft of a fantastic new best-selling book that my friend has just finished writing.  I have been amazed at the parallels between her life and mine, especially in the emotions we have felt and patterns of giving away our power.  This afternoon I felt so grateful to have her book to highlight this to me.  And to help me take another step higher.

And so I sat down and gave myself a good pep talk. I acknowledged my fears, and listed my positives.  T. Harv Eker often says “what you focus on expands”, and I have direct experience of this being true.  You see, I do still have times where I fall down the pit of pity, but the time I spend down there is becoming less and less, as I have spent the last 5 years building up a repertoire of supportive beliefs.  I have learnt to change my focus and write a new story for my life.  And I have collected a great group of friends who revel in the times when I stand tall and shine brightly.  I feel so grateful to have such supportive souls around me.

So now, I choose to make up for the opportunity I missed a week ago.  I choose to accept who I am.  I choose to let go of the fear of rejection, and to celebrate myself, my life, and all those whom I have the privilege of spending time with.  And I choose to attract other people who will mirror that back to me, and I will allow that to be OK.

I realise that as I allow myself to shine, I also incidentally give permission for those around me to shine the truth of who they are.  And all I see is magnificence.

So I would like to complete the process that I started with Mark and say:
The beauty I see in myself is that I am:
– inspiring
– enchanting
– loving
– creative
– clever
– compassionate
– focused
– beautiful
– capable
– empathetic
– energetic
– giving
– generous
– intuitive
– powerful
– abundant
– committed
– trustworthy
– responsible
– a leader
– loved
– lovable

and I choose for it to be OK for others to see these things in me as well.  🙂

Infinite Love & Gratitude!