Experiencing life through duality

  • Posted on June 9, 2011 at 5:20 am

Our heater is broken.

It has been out of action for a few weeks. And it is planned to be a number more weeks before the technician can take a look to fix it.

We have a small portable heater that we are using to heat our bedroom, which has become our sanctuary. The temperature in our bedroom is almost double that of the rest of the house. Our house is COLD!

But you know what? As much as it is great to always have everything working, this experience of temperature difference has really made us appreciate the impact that temperature can have. It has made us appreciate the technology that goes into a heater. And with us all huddling together for warmth in the one room, it has made us appreciate just how little space we really need to live in.

In fact it has been quite fun to use our ingenuity and find different ways to keep warm. We are quite adaptable, we have discovered! We have also enjoyed being together in close quarters; really being a part of each others lives. It has been somewhat of a bonding experience!

And this is the point that I am wishing to make. That what sometimes may appear to be a difficult experience, a trial, something that we wouldn’t consciously choose, can actually be a good thing. It can be an opportunity to grow. It can be an opportunity to appreciate things from a new perspective. A perspective that we would never have experienced had the unanticipated situation not occurred. In fact, the situation that we may have initially labelled as ‘bad’, we might end up being incredibly grateful for.

Without the experience of duality, the opposite of that which we yearn for, we could never truly appreciate that which we receive. It is only be knowing the opposite, that we are able to put things into context. Without cold there could be no appreciation of hot. Without ‘down’ times, there would be no ‘up’ times; it would be ‘same-old, same-old’…

So as much as I am looking forward to getting our heater fixed and returning to a comfortable temperature within our house, I am feeling very grateful for our current experience. And besides, it is getting us ready for the coming ski season. 😉

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