Helping or Hindering?

  • Posted on November 15, 2011 at 5:14 pm

I helped a worm today.  Well at least, that’s what I thought from my perspective…

You see, my beloved and I were out for a morning stroll with our dog, and I stepped over a worm on the track.  I took a few more steps and then decided to turn around and help him.

It was a warm morning, and the worm was laying the sun, covered in grit from having attempted to cross the gravel path we were walking on.  I perceived the worm as hot and exhausted, barely moving, and felt concerned that he had given up in his attempt to get to the other side.  So I picked him up, and transferred him into the cool grass.

I felt that I had done a good turn…

… until my husband pointed out that perhaps this crossing was the pinnacle of his life.  Perhaps crossing the path was the challenge of a lifetime for this worm, and I had just denied him his full experience.  Just as trying to make a rose open its petals too early actually prevents them from blooming, or like opening a cocoon to help the butterfly denies the strength-building exercise that the butterfly needs in order to fly.

Sometimes we need the experience of the struggle in order to grow into our greatness; to experience the full depth of our ability.

I don’t know, and likely won’t ever know, if my actions actually helped or hindered that worm and his soul growth.  I can only talk from my own perspective.  I experienced myself as helpful, caring and compassionate toward this creature.  Did I do that because I was guided by a higher calling to help this worm, or was it perhaps because there is a part of me yearning to be helped and cared for?  I’m not really sure.


How interesting!  Halfway through writing this post, my friend Andrea dropped by to visit.  And she happened to mention that this morning she did the very same thing – rescuing 2 worms from hot pavement and placing them back in the grass!  How is that for synchronicity!

We had a discussion about this and I have concluded that as this was my experience, I get to decide what the meaning was for the incident.  I chose to experience myself as helpful, and as such that is what I choose to believe I was.  If the worm was meant to complete the crossing on his own then I hope his presence wouldn’t have entered my consciousness and he would have been able to go about his journey.

So I’m wondering; what are your thoughts?  Leave me a comment and expand my perspective…

Thanks for reading!


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