Succeed with Synchronicity

  • Posted on June 13, 2011 at 5:04 pm

I love it when the universe surprises me with synchronous events, like it did today!

It is the Monday of a long weekend here today, and my family went out to visit some quaint towns in the hills for an adventure. And of the three towns we visited, we ‘coincidentally’ ran into friends in two of these three towns!

Succeed with Synchronicity

The first town we visited was with the intention of our daughter’s visiting a favourite toy store that has a lot of hand-made puppets and other interesting amusements. While they were shopping with their Dad, I stayed outside in the park across the road with our dog. I wandered around the park, giving both of us a run, and greeting other dogs and people who ventured into the same space. It was a lovely relaxing time.

As we left, our family had a discussion about where to go next. Our youngest daughter wanted to go straight home, but the rest of us wanted to continue exploring. She was outvoted. So we went to the next spot, to a nursery we were hoping to visit. However, when we go there, it was closed… Next to it was a playground, which we then decided to play on (still with some reluctance from our youngest family member!).

After only a few minutes in the playground, who should arrive, but none other than our youngest daughter’s best friend from school!!! What are the chances that her family would choose to go for a walk to the same playground, at the same time, on the same day that we had ‘accidentally’ stopped there???

Needless to say, our youngest daughter was delighted, and the rest of us were able to enjoy our outdoor time in the playground while the rest of our friends family took their dog for a walk. It was a perfect scenario for our youngest, and also for our eldest daughter who was keen to plan some ideas for her next birthday without being regularly interrupted with ideas from her little sister. We all felt incredibly grateful for this ‘lucky’ turn of events. 🙂

After a good play, both for us and the other family, we decided it was time to move on. We visited a Chocolate Shop for an afternoon drink on our way home. While waiting for our drinks I took our girls to the outside bathroom. When I returned, how amazing it was to find that one of my friends from my Goddess Workshops had chosen to sit right next to us. She had never met my husband, so had no way of knowing that I would be sitting there! We enjoyed a lovely chat (it has been a couple of years since we last saw each other), and then continued on our way. Once again the timing had been spot on, the location had been ideal, and the whole event seemed too well orchestrated to be simply put down to ‘coincidence’.

Having met her best friend at the playground, our youngest daughter was able to re-evaluate her need to say ‘no’ to opportunities, and to learn that sometimes when we think life is going against our will, that it is actually conspiring for something better than we could have even imagined!

What an amazing universe we live in, and many thanks to the great spirit that coordinates the adventures, mysteries and miracles of our lives…

Do you have a story of synchronicity that you would like to share? I would love for you to tell me all about it by leaving me a comment below.

With infinite love & gratitude,

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