The Miracle of Waste Management

  • Posted on September 13, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Last week I helped people who don’t even know I exist, in a town I’m unlikely to visit, in another state from me entirely.
And I did it all through the miracle and magic of the internet…

You see, one of the ways I complete my Lightworker intent is by using my skills as a computer programmer to add efficiency and ease to other people’s lives. I write programs that simplify the processes needed to complete certain tasks, and help the program users to find the most effective way of doing their jobs. What makes this whole process miraculous is that I have never even met, nor spoken to, the users of many of these programs.

All our communication has been by email, and all my programming has been completed by connecting in remotely over the internet. I could just as easily be sitting at home, in a ski lodge, or with a laptop by the beach and adding value to people’s lives. I find this quite amazing, and love that I can help multiple clients in multiple different countries with a wide variety of requests, all in a matter of minutes, without even leaving my chair!

In this particular instance it was by programming a Waste Management System for a local council, to help their rubbish trucks find the most efficient route for picking up the commercial waste from businesses.

I found it to be a really satisfying project for me, as it was easy to visualise the trucks driving around picking up the waste. I also enjoyed the thought that if the job is done properly (both the program and the truck pickup) the whole council will benefit from the clean and neat environment they are living in. Most of the residents will be completely oblivious to this. It is the sort of job that is only noticed when something goes wrong.

Our healthy, vibrant lives have a lot to owe to these men and women who take the dirty jobs, and assist us in the process of letting go. They allow us to shed the past, and look towards the future. They lighten the load of the pile of ‘stuff’ we accumulate around us, and help us clear the space to make room for new and interesting experiences and creations.

I feel blessed to have been able to use my skills and creativity to assist these unsung heroes in carrying out their purpose.


In what ways do you use your talents and know-how to add light to our world? Every contribution makes and difference and I would love to hear about yours…
With love,
Miracle Mandy

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